Finding Ways To Recharge

Finding Ways to Recharge with yoga and meditation

Finding Ways To Recharge

Feeling exhausted and down? Are you in a caring role and feeling drained? Or in a job position that is tearing you apart? The solution is not to quit, it is to come back even stronger than when you started!


How can you find ways to recharge yourself, so that you can be there for that loved one or go to work tomorrow?


Schedule time for yourself:

Being there for yourself is not a selfish action. It is like charging your phone. All day we carry the phone with us and the more you use it the less battery it will have. The lower you run the batteries, the longer it takes to recharge. 


Plug in and fill up your batteries:


You Might Have Heard This Before:

Get outside and into nature. The earth is always there to support and nourish you. It is healing and calming to spend time outside, in the forest or by the beach. Take off your shoes to optimise your signal and enjoy a stronger connection. 


Feel the wind in your hair and let it blow all your worries away. Notice the soil under the soles of your feet and in between your toes, claiming you back to the source.


Did I Hear You Say Cake?

Cook a nourishing meal -  maybe even bake a cake. Take time to nourish your body with quality food and stir it full of love. Your body is like a light bulb, and what you put into your body will colour the light. If you eat the colourful fresh food your light will be bright and if you eat grey and processed foods your light will be dull. Now, I know disco lights and colours seem fun, but really you need to find a way of nourishing your body in a way that you can emanate pure light. This is a diet that gives you more energy than it takes. The first step in that direction is to cook your meals from scratch and keep it simple.



Food For Thought:

Read feel-good books (or a blog post). Everything we take in, whether it is through our mouth, ears or eyes, are feeding us. TV, advertisements and books are feeding our mental body. Make sure you choose books, films, TV programmes and music that fills you with joy and smiles. Art that gives you hope for the future and curiosity to chase it is great.


I Kept The Best For Last:

Yoga and meditation: I speak from experience. These practices are able to connect you right back in and make yourself the biggest battery. With these practices, you get to charge yourself and you even have enough power to run the whole world. And it is all natural, reusable and eco-friendly energy.

Yoga gives you the skill to see your choices clearly. It teaches you how to choose joy and happiness.



Oh, I Just Had Another Thought:

Imagine this:

You go to the shop to buy something. Something more expensive than normal. It is an investment for you. You go to the aisle and find the product you have been thinking to buy. You take it off the shelf, look at it, turning it to read the back, maybe you even get it out while no one is looking, to check if it is really what you want.

Then you make the decision to get it. You put the product back on the shelf and reach for the one furthest behind. Why? Because the front one might have been subject to people, like yourself, touching and fiddling around with it. You justs never really know.


Much like that front product, is our physical body, always subject to contact with so many different impressions, surrounded by people with different thoughts, emotions and experiences. 


When you've been at your son's house to get him out of bed, and after washing his clothes, or helping your sister with the shopping, while listening to your mother's complaints or been present as your wife went deeper into a depression - come back to yourself. Have a shower, clean that front shelf product, change your clothes - and then reach for that back product within yourself. 


Use the same practice when you come home from a long day at work. Maybe you have been with customers all day, smiling and nodding along. Laughed at the same joke ten times, every time making it seem like the first time. You might have had a meeting that went well or could have gone better. You could have been in a situation where you had to dismiss someone or say goodbye to a steady employee.


Shower, change and reach back.


Wherever we are in life, we are all carers: parents, bosses, truck drivers, sisters, brothers, neighbours and lawyers. We are all carers and we all need to be taking care of.


Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is a Sanskrit phrase found in an ancient text called the Maha Upanishad, which means "the world is one family".


Take care of yourself, 
You Are Loved


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