Breathe Your Way Into a Deep Sleep

Breathe into a deeper sleep


Can’t sleep at night? Here’s a simple breathing routine that can help you!

Lay in bed on your back, tucked up and ready for sleep. 

1)Breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth while rolling your lips, making the sound of a horse. Do this 5 times.


2)Let the mouth close softly and allow the breath to travel in and out through the nose. Relax your whole body.

3)Still with the breath moving through your nose exhale softly and then inhale while counting to 4 (mentally counting). 

Exhale on a count of 8.

The exhale is double the length of the inhale. You are welcome to let the inhale be 5 and the exhale be 10 or inhale 2 and exhale 4. Choose a rhythm that fits your breath today. Keep this breath going for 5 minutes with eyes close.

This should set you up for a nice sleep if you haven't already fallen asleep while doing it.