A Provoking Thought: There Is Nothing You Can’t Do - Part 2

Welcome! 😄 This is part 2.

It makes most sense if you read part 1 first! It’s right here

Never give up



💡 1) The research showed us that those children, who are being praised for their intelligence, identify themselves with this intelligence. For them intelligence becomes a fixed structure that they were born with and not able to influence. When making a mistake it meant a personal failure and caused by moving outside of boundaries. To succeed they felt that they had to move back in within the boundaries. This idea is a set idea and leaves us slaves to our own body and mind.


💡 2) The other children developed an idea that intelligence is something you acquire through effort and consistency. They didn’t identify themselves with their intelligence, as it wasn’t a static nor a permanent thing. That meant that when they made mistakes, they didn’t see that as defining their capabilities or who they are, but rather evoked curiosity and interest in them to learn more and expand their knowledge.


Which approach are to intelligence do you follow?


Now take a look at your notes from the question: how do you understand intelligence? Is it something that we are born with? Or is it something that we can acquire? Reflecting on them with the informations you just acquired, are your understanding of intelligence holding you back? What would happened if you began to celebrate the energy and effort you, your children or employees put into the work? Could you perhaps expand even more, learn more, grow more and reach more?

YES! Of course you can, because you are LIMITLESS, YOU ARE INFINITE EXPANSION, research shows it, yoga and meditation says it. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?


Never ever give up - learn why



NOW before we part ways for the time be, I promised you to give you a practical tool to put this knowledge into practice. When we are travelling somewhere new, we need a map. Most of us use maps on our phones, but perhaps some of us still prefers the old school paper maps, either way to find out where we are going, we need to know where we are:


1) Where are you right now in your life? What emotions, states of minds, thoughts and experiences to you sit with? 


2) And to find our path and the route, we need to know where we are going, otherwise we can wonder aimlessly around for lifetimes, which isn’t very productive. SO right now, get yourself a piece of paper, or get notes up on your computer and begin to write the things down that you would like to achieve in your life, things that you would like to do, places you would like to see, amount of money you would like to earn, things you would like to provide the world with. Go crazy, think LIMITLESS, anything what would make you feel successful? Write a list with 50 goals on their, big as small. 




Never ever give up - learn why. Picture of a map


3) Now with that list in front of you with the 50 goals. We will begin to add numbers to them. The numbers represent years. Use the numbers 1, 3, 5, 10. Each stand for number for number of years you need to achieve that goal. Put these numbers on your goals according to you giving yourself 1, 3, 5, or 10 years to reach these goals. You can use 1 three times to begin with. Stick this list up on your wall or above your bed, so its the first thing you see EVERY DAY! To keep you on track. Every time you reach a goal you CELEBRATE your effort and the energy you put into reaching that goal. If it is a family goal or a group goal, then celebrate together. Once you’ve reach a goal, you can bump another goal higher in your ranking list, and add a new one. GOALS keeps us moving and when we move we learn, and when we learn we expand. That is life! Sometimes your goals might change, and that’s great, let them, you are, we are all, constantly changing and growing. Allow that to happen. 


All this movement I talk about is not to make you feel stressed, but I do want to put pressure on you, because what we don’t use, we loose, it counts for the body, and the mind. And we can all do so MUCH! We hold som much energy, we just need to find ways to direct it so that we can unite like it and express it.


4) There might we things you never learn, but is that because you can’t or because you prioritise differently? Perhaps your core values take you somewhere, and others somewhere else. REMEMBER you are not here alone, we are here together, that means you can shift the question from HOW DO I DO THIS to WHO CAN DO THIS or TEACH ME THIS. Look for the “who’s” in your life. Because when we use each other, we get much further and reach much higher. I do not expect you to do everything yourself, in a matter of fact, I would be a bit bumped if you did everything yourself, because why would you need anybody else in your life then? REMEMBER YOU ARE BORN LIMITLESS AND YOU ARE FREE and you are have the power TO GROW and EXPAND INTO YOUR DESIRED DIRECTIONS! And the things that doesn’t make your fire ignite, you have an opportunity to work with those who do get ignited by that! 






SO DO THE WORK, practise to see your current capabilities as impermanent. Shift your identifications from intelligence to the road to a constant expanding, growing and alive intelligence. Oh! And here lastly I just want to mention an experience I had when I was getting my tattoo done. I asked the women who tattooed me if she feels proud when she sees her work around the world. She gave me and answer that first shocked and offended me but later made a lot of sense to me. She said: “Mainly when I am approached to my past work, I feel embarrassed and thinking to myself ‘did I really do that?’” - You can imagine I am sitting there while she is tattooing me. Upon hearing this odd answer I was thinking “why don’t you just do your best right now?”. BUT then I understood that what she meant is that she always improves, and what she did 10, 5, 3, years ago she can now do much better or she changed her style or colours. And that wasn’t to offend anybody, but rather she acknowledged her ability to constantly learn and expand. Now, when I read some of the blog posts I wrote a few years ago, or look at school work I did MANY years ago, I am always embarrassed, how could a think a write like that, what about all those spelling mistakes, or how odd ways ff expressions. But it is the nature! Do not wait until you are perfect at something or have mastered a skills to engage with it, because it will never happen! Luckily, you are always able to get better, learn and expand!