Half Moon Meditation Cushion - Natural Print

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Find stillness on our loved and cherished meditation cushions. Meditating on these cushions makes sitting tall with a straight spine easeful.  
Filled with either cotton or buckwheat gives you the opportunity to choose the perfect meditation cushion for you. Buckwheat offers a firm support making it easy to sit with a straight spine. Great for shorter meditations (0 - 3 hours). Cotton is the travelers best friend. It is slightly softer to sit on and lighter making it perfect for travel, yoga retreats and longer meditations (3 - 8+ hours).
During meditation, thoughts and memories will naturally arise. Breathing in the present moment with an equanimous mind creates clarity.
This Half Moon Meditation Cushion will support you and help you to glide through peacefully and calmly into meditative stillness. 
The Meditation Cushion Features a Carry Handle
Cushion Cover is washable