Will Fisher and Malene Vedel started Complete Unity Yoga after being shocked that the majority of yoga and meditation equipment available was plastic heavy, poorly made and lacking style!


Action Plan!

It was at that moment when we decided that the yoga world was indeed of a fresh approach and that we wanted to be the ones to bring eco-friendly, modern, high-quality manufacturing, quality fabrics, carefully crafted and intuitively designed beautiful stylish products to yogis and yoginis worldwide as a way to inspire them to take the life-enriching practices of yoga and meditation into their homes a daily lives. 

With a love and passion for yoga and meditation, this decision took us on an exciting journey to create a worldwide project. Both of us with multiple years of yoga and meditation practice, teaching and training gave us the feeling that we wanted to offer more than just products and equipment. This was when the idea was born to combine a collection of amazing, stylish, eco-friendly products with our love for travel, teaching and sharing by offering a selection of life-enriching retreats and workshop in beautiful places around the world.


Why Yoga Retreats In India?

Having previously lived in India in the yoga capital of the world we knew that Rishikesh would be the perfect place to host our first yoga retreat. The first year was a huge success and it was truly amazing how deeply it impacted, effected, healed and nourished our students. They all left with huge smiles, stories and experiences to last a lifetime. One of our students from this retreat went back to Rishikesh a year later to study to become a yoga teacher.


An Amazing Year! 

Due to its popularity, we host the Yoga Lifestyle Retreat in India yearly at our beautiful retreat centre at the foothills of the Himalayas in the yoga capital of the world. Shortly after our first retreat in India, we collaborated with the famous vegan/plant-based chef and cookbook author Lee Watson for a yoga holiday in sunny Spain.

We are dedicated to YOU our customers and worldwide community and will continue to enrich lives through the medium of our products and yoga retreats. Thank you for reading and being you!

Will Fisher
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